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The Forex market is one of the most competitive and dynamic markets globally. It is open 24 hours a day, five days a week, and trades as many as 400 billion dollars daily. There are many ways to get essential information about this market, but what sites should you pay attention to? When starting in […]

Top 10 Forex Trading Platforms and Brokers in Nigeria 2022

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Top 10 NFT Crypto Coins and Where to Buy Them 

The popularity and growth of non-fungible tokens have been rapid and exceptional for the past two years. The NFT tokens facilitate the tokenization of anything from an image file, music, or even a tweet that cannot be exchanged for something similar because they are unique. However, their popularity has not only led them to become […]

Forex Trading for Beginners in Nigeria in 2022

The Forex is, without a doubt, the largest financial market on the planet. If you have some cash and are ready to risk your money, you can now discover how to make money on Forex while trading. Nigeria is one of the countries that makes full use of the forex trading market since it is […]

Crypto Trading Algorithm – Auto Trading Guide for Beginners

Trading is one of those things where we beat ourselves up for losing and then beat ourselves up again for not remaining long enough in a lucrative market before the downturn phase because we allow our emotions to get in the way.  Cryptocurrency markets are quite volatile. Traders can use algorithmic trading to control their […]

Forex Scams in Nigeria – How to identify and Avoid Forex Scams

Forex scams in Nigeria are a problem often talked about but rarely studied. It is difficult to estimate the yearly financial losses due to forex scams because most professionals and experts in the Forex industry don’t want to publicize the figures for fear of tarnishing Nigeria’s image.  However, some experts say that Nigerian traders lose […]

Offgamers Gift Card – What to Do with It and All You Need to Know

OffGamers is a leading digital retail distribution and payments platform, offering game credits and top-ups for computer games, content publishers, education, e-commerce cards, and telco recharge.  The digital retail distribution platform is at the forefront of providing quality service at an affordable rate for gamers from all walks of life and across the whole spectrum […]

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The gift card culture has come to stay. There’s no denying this fact as far as shopping is concerned in first world countries. In this article, you’ll learn about the top 10 gift cards that are available in Germany. But first, we walk you through the meaning of gift cards? What are gift cards? A […]

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