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How to Redeem Steam gift Card


You have an Steam gift card, but you’re confused. You are not in need of any Steam product and would rather exchange it for cash. Here is the problem, you have no idea how to sell Steam gift cards in Nigeria.

What is Steam Wallet Gift Card?

A steam wallet is a virtual cache of currency that can be used to purchase things from a Steam store. It is a retail outlet and online code that adds currency to an account’s wallet. 

What Is Steam Wallet Gift Card Used For?

Steam wallet gift cards can be used to buy things on Steam. Steam is a store where different games, utility software, cosmetics, movies, etc can be purchased.

You know Steam does not pay cash for its gift card, so how do you exchange it? How do you get a reasonable rate for your Steam gift card? The answers to these questions are provided below.

The first thing you need to know is that exchange rate differs for Steam gift cards. While some websites will offer you a higher rate, others will pay significantly less. Here are the steps to take to sell your Steam gift card in Nigeria.

Steps to Sell Steam Card in Nigeria

Step 1:

Make sure the codes of your gift cards are valid and they have not been used before. You can check the validity of your Steam card HERE

Step 2:

It is important that your card is physical. To be on the safe side, you have to be the one to scratch the back of the card to retrieve the digit number.But if you dont have [physical card but ecodes.dont worry we also accept ecodes.

Step 3:

Get a good camera and take a picture of the code. Send the picture to the buyer.If you cant send picture ,type the codes.

Step 4:

Make sure you get a receipt to make it faster but if you dont have receipt,no worries.



Below is the stress-free process on how to convert your iTunes gift card to cash in Nigeria, on Kingcards :

  1. Create an Account on the Website. Click here to Download our app on Andriod / iPhone to get started.
  2. Verify your Email Address
  3. Input your Bank Details
  4. Select Bitcoin / GiftCard Category
  5. Upload gift card
  6. Get Credited once Giftcard has been verified



In terms of the essential features of a good gift card trading platform, Kingcards checks all boxes. Distinguished among these features are:

  1. Transaction Speed: A distinctive feature that sets Kingcards apart from all other gift card platforms are swift transactions.
    Owing to the density of their customers, much attention has been paid to in terms of speed.
    On Kingcards, it takes an average of 5 minutes to complete transactions, only specific gift cards take longer.
  2. Easier Transaction: When exchanging your iTunes gift card for cash, it is breezy on Kingcards.
    Since the platform is easy to navigate, trading is easy-peasy. So, even if you are a newbie, you definitely can work around the platform like a pro.
  3. Secured Transactions: Scared of making transactions? Not to worry, you're covered on every activity carried out on the platform.
  4. Guaranteed Payment: As we all know, the herculean task of any online transaction is rooted in the payment stage.
    Kingcards is pledged to not just paying you, but paying as quickly as possible.
  5. Best Rates:  As opposed to other gift card platforms, Kingcards offers good rates.  Simply put, you get a good monetary value of your iTunes gift card when you trade on Kingcards.
  6. Active Customer Care Service: Here, you can be assured of a topnotch professional team that provides quality customer services for you.
    Should issues arise, keep calm. You are covered every step along the way. In need of support? This team is there to cater for all your needs.


Got questions? You can send us a message on  our Contact us page.

Contact support [at] Kingcards.com.

We believe you are satisfied.

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