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How much is $50 steam gift card in Naira Today

Do you want to sell your steam gift card? Here on Kingcards, we offer the best rate in the market. For $50 steam gift card as of today the naira equivalent is #16,000 and $100 steam gift card is #32,000. The rates can go higher than this depending on the market demand. Below is a list of steam gift cards and their rates.

Steam Gift Cards and Rates in Nigeria

Card Rate in Naira
USA $50 – $200 325/Dollar
USA ecode $50 – $200 255/Dollar
CAD $50 – $500 205/Dollar
AUD $50 -$500 205/Dollar
EUR 50 -500 345/EUR
UK 20 – 500 385/Pound
NZD 50 – 500 185/Dollar
UK ecode 20 -500 325/Pound
EUR ecode 20 – 500 275/Euro
USA $20 205/Dollar

You can see that the UK steam gift card has the highest rate in the market. You can sell £100 for #38,000 here on Kingcards. Click on the button below to start selling. You can also sell other gift cards here like

  • iTunes, Steam, Google, Visa
  • Amazon, Sephora Nordstrom, Nike
  • Walmart, Nike, Amex, Offgamers
  • eBay, Best-Buy, Home Depot
  • Apple Store, Macy, Vanilla, Target.

To know the current rate of each gift card above, Use our gift card rate Page to find out the best gift card rate in Nigeria